Apr 26 , 2019

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As the definition says, anti-ageing lotions are specifically made for more mature types of skin: face, body and hands. They are made of very intense, nourishing and moisturizing agents. These ingredients are there to reduce the lines of age, their appearance or the deepness of the already existing ones.

In other articles, we talked about DIY recipes to cure skin, bio make-up and natural cosmetics that can be kept safe in our bottles and containers for cosmetics. We already talked about containers made for cosmetics and make-up, and we submitted to you 3 different DIY recipes to create facial lotions that can adapt to every kind of skin, easy to store in our containers for cosmetics.

Now, our focus moves towards the anti-ageing theme and the best containers to treasure these lotions and creams. In addition, we’re going to give some tips and tricks for this feared process of life named ageing.

Anti-age cosmetics and contemporaneity

These days in supermarkets, specifically in the lotions’ department, you can find plenty of different varieties. The anti-ageing lotions represent a modern market, that is expanding and evolving. The market seems oriented to a precise and high segmentation of these products: for kinds of skin (dry, oily etc.), and new importance is given to the age of the person.

Big agencies are creating different lines for different age range and they try to help the client's research through some expositors. In this context container and packaging play an important role, a fundamental one: appearance and colours are vital and necessary to guide the clientele in the best way possible.

The utopian promise of the everlasting youth is now more and more accessible to the public.



The best containers for anti-ageing cosmetics


SOS anti-ageing cosmetics!

Let’s take a few steps back to understand a fundamental precondition: FYI, the real anti-ageing that eliminates every sign of time and takes you back at the age of 20, well... it doesn’t exist!

The cutaneous ageing is a natural process and it’s impossible to escape from it. But it's true that there are some external factors that can accelerate this process. In this category, we can find the daily agents that attack our facial skin like cold weather, strong wind, pollution, sunrays etc. The anti-ageing lotions come to help us during the day because they are specifically created and formulated to protect the skin from these external aggressions creating an anti-ageing action.

Therefore, big companies are now creating more specific anti-age lines even for the night time.

Anti-age and its real meaning

When we see the “anti-ageing” writing printed on the packaging of any kind of lotion, it means that the product is highly moisturizing, nourishing and it contains specific ingredients that can help you fight the ravages of time. Between these ones, the most commons and powerful are collagen and specific types of acids. These two elements are useful to recreate the “damaged skin”.

Where to start from? Taking care of our skins starts to form our daily skincare routine, and the most important thing about this is moisturizing and hydrating your skin. Every kind of skin has its specific skin care and it has to be “tailor-made” for you!

Anti-ageing cosmetics for young ladies

Girls, anti-ageing products are very important, you don’t have to snub or ignore them. You don’t have to get scared from the definition term, even if it seems addressed only to more mature women. Even the young ladies’ generation needs this kind of creams and has to look for the right type of lotions: lightweight texture for good and prolonged hydration.

Know that it’s never too early to start using anti-ageing lotions! This kind of product is essential and has to be included in the everyday beauty routine. The most important thing is that the cream has to be meticulously chosen: you must select with two criteria in mind, your age and the type of skin you have.

Even the youngest skins need to be hydrated and nourished to slow down the flow of time. As wise people always taught to us: “Prevention is better than cure!”. In fact, the right time to start using this kind of lotions is the range between 20 and 25 when the first laugh and frown lines start appearing.


The best containers for anti-ageing cosmetics


Beyond the anti-ageing cosmetics: some curiosities and tricks

We’re going to leave here a list of bad habits believed as creators of new wrinkles and consequently some stratagems to avoid/resolve the problem:

  1. Pay attention to your make-up (and to your remove make-up routine): two delicate phases in the beauty routine of every woman
  2. Alimentation: the skin needs to be hydrated, to accomplish this step you need to eat vitamins, proteins from fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and fish and above all... water!
  3. Less is more: don’t let the number of products eat you alive. The market is full of products but you need to choose the right ones for you only
  4. SPF: one of the most important ingredients in an anti-ageing lotion. Usually, SPF is already contained in facial products like foundation and similar, but you always have to make sure of it
  5. Anti-ageing lotion
  6. Let your chosen lotion work, it needs some time
  7. Sleep well: it really helps your skin. A very particular factor in this process is the pillowcase, the more delicate it is the better is for the skin
  8. Washing up: you need to be gentle when touching this part of your body; remember it’s sensible and fragile

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